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Guy Tower & Rod Inspections

Guy wires and anchor rods are used to support a guyed tower. In order to maintain a proper level of performance, these anchor rods need to be examined periodically to ensure the integrity of the anchor rod has not been compromised. These inspections ensure the tower’s safety, security, and life expectancy.

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Telecommunication tower sites have a number of safety procedures and processes set in place to ensure a tower's integrity is sustained over its lifespan. Guy anchor rods support a guyed tower's structure and, if not properly maintained, galvanic corrosion can build up and lead to tower failure.

CellSite Solutions provides anchor rod protection to prevent tower failure. Guy anchor rod inspections are a cost-effective way to ensure your guyed tower maintains its structural integrity over time. We have evolved as experts in this telecom industry service and are a dependable resource for all your tower inspection needs.

Support Lower Costs

Regular inspections save you money by extending the life of your guyed tower. Avoid costly damage by identifying minor problems while they are still small—and taking care of them before they grow into major issues.

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How We Work

  • Our crew carefully excavates and cleans the guy anchor shafts to inspect for damage and corrosion.
  • We take measurements of the shaft's overall dimensions to report any cross-sectional loss.
  • Our crews coat the anchor shaft with Epoxy Mastic to prevent future corrosion.
  • Major loss (over 50%) of an anchor shaft is documented and site technicians are notified.
  • Temporary safety procedures and methods may need to be put in place until crews can make repairs.