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Sustainable Practices

As both corporate citizens and human beings, CellSite strives to make a positive impact on our planet. True sustainability means making a commitment on multiple levels, across an entire organization. These pillars remind us to always consider the effects of our actions.



As environmental stewards, we are committed to reducing waste and damage to the planet. By recycling shelters and other products, we keep 17.5 million pounds of concrete out of landfills each year. Our site remediation service leaves the land clean and ready to be reclaimed by nature at a project’s end. We are always looking for new ways to reduce our impact while increasing customer satisfaction.



Social sustainability means we empower services that benefit all of society. Greater connectivity means more people have access to information and services. We consider the needs of future people when we provide solutions for our current population. We know that our behavior—including our relationships with our personnel and clients—has a ripple effect. We value the concept of connection and weave it through everything we do.

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Economic sustainability goes beyond making a profit as a company. We look to operational efficiency as a primary way to create economic sustainability. By improving efficiency, we are able to do more with less waste of resources or human effort. We grow organically, adding high-quality lines of service when our clients indicate a need. And we create an environment that leverages technology and strategy to make the most of the resources we have.



Human sustainability drives the way we operate as a business and extends from there. We are invested in the safety of our employees and offer ample training opportunities to help them stay skilled and protected in the field. In the same way, our culture of service helps us cultivate strong relationships with our clients and partners. Together, we build a more connected world.

We want our land, our customers, and our people to thrive. The decisions we make today impact that future.

Nick Shanker
CEO, CellSite Solutions


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