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Sizes & Types

  • Offering varying sizes for every need
  • The types of generators we carry are: Propane, Natural Gas, Diesel
  • Single-phase generator to a 3-phase generator

Why No Pricing?

  • Variables including unique features, craining, and shipping
  • To provide the most accurate pricing
  • Offering the lowest pricing on used generators

Due to the wide range of upgrades and refurbishment requested by our clients, as well as the variables related to craning and shipping of our inventory, we at CellSite Solutions feel it is unfair to post “standard pricing” for our equipment for sale. It is impossible to provide accurate pricing without obtaining critical details related to our client’s projects. In an effort to avoid any confusion and to provide the most accurate and viable pricing, we require all potential buyers of our equipment to speak with one of our knowledgeable and experienced account representatives in order to receive pricing specifically related to their project needs and geographic location. Thank you for your interest in our secondary market equipment and services packages and we look forward to hearing from you!



The benefit of a commercial generator — whether it’s propane, natural gas, or diesel — is that your company’s processes keep moving forward, even if a disruption in the power line occurs. Business generators are made to be able to handle large-scale power needs, providing power indefinitely until the main power line is working again. This means they offer your business the stability of uninterrupted processes, even when you’re using heavy machinery, a large network of computers, elevators, high-level medical equipment, and more. Any time the power is disrupted, your generator kicks into place, seamlessly supporting your daily tasks.


When you’re looking to purchase a used industrial generator, CellSite is your best resource. Backed by over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, we are well versed in the needs of businesses. What’s more, we spend time getting to know each client’s situation and needs so that we can provide just the right product(s) to meet your goals. CellSite offers a variety of used generators, from a single-phase generator to a 3-phase generator, in order to suit different industries and needs.

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