Turn-key Telecom Solutions


At CellSite Solutions, we’re proud to provide a wide selection of new and built-to-spec recycled shelters for telecom projects. We have shelters stored in several locations across the U.S., ready to be shipped nationwide.

Telecom Shelters

Cut maintenance costs and increase peace-of-mind.

Used to safeguard sensitive telecommunication equipment from the surrounding environment, telecom shelters are small independent structures that house communications equipment away from the main switching center and keep telecommunications running smoothly. They are designed to be resistant against all types of weather, from high heat to harsh rain, and they are built to last for years to come, even with little maintenance and upkeep.

While we can provide new shelters, CellSite specializes in refurbishing previously owned communication shelters. These offer top quality at a lower price and are engineer-inspected for like-new appearance and performance.

Telecom Shelters

Largest Selection

CellSite is proud to offer the largest selection of recycled communication shelters on the market. Come to us for previously deployed products that are able to house electrical equipment, generators, or anything else your communications projects require. In addition to our large quantity of telecom shelters, our team offers shelter recycling services to make your used concrete shelters look like new.

Shelter with HVAC

What's in Stock

Our secure, long-lasting telecommunication shelters range in size from 6 feet by 8 feet to 12 feet by 28 feet so that they can fit any scope of project or job. They are available in several different types, including lightweight, lightweight concrete, concrete, and fiberglass, expanding your options further. Because stock shifts so quickly, it’s best to give us a quick call for the latest availability and pricing.