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Alarm Systems

When you’ve invested so much in your project, it just makes sense to want to keep the site secure. Our systems give you peace of mind with alerts for fire, severe temps, and break-ins.

alarm systems

We’ll keep an eye on your site.

CellSite Solutions offers state-of-the-art commercial security systems from leading security brands. We can quickly recommend a commercial security system that we’ve designed to protect your valuable equipment. Keep your site protected from fire, temperature extremes, and outsider intruders—around the clock.

All alarm device contacts will be wired and brought to your specified location. The alarm wires will be coiled and tagged for identification per manufacturer's standards. Unless otherwise stated in this proposal, termination at the customer’s equipment is assumed to be provided by others. There are no provisions for audible, visual, or remote alarm monitoring offered, except where it is integral to the device offered or stated otherwise in the initial proposal.

alarm systems

Security Always Costs Less

When you tally the cost of your project, it becomes clear that the most expensive alarm system of all is not having one. When the contents of a single rack can cost as much as a new car, loss or damage is no small thing. Be prepared with a reliable system.

alarm systems

We Install:

  • 1 line voltage smoke detector
  • 1 intrusion alarm switch with form “C” contacts rated .1 Amps at 28 VDC
  • 1 high-temperature alarm
  • 1 low-temperature alarm