Turn-key Telecom Solutions


Your tower is the heart of your site and perhaps your biggest investment. But CellSite has flexible options for leasing and purchasing both new and previously owned towers, making it a lot easier to build and expand.

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Raise your level of service.

Communication tower construction seems like a costly necessity when you are looking to grow and offer service to more customers. However, there are other options: leasing a tower or choosing a previously owned telecom tower instead of building from the ground up. CellSite Solutions offers used and surplus towers of all sizes and types. By choosing a used tower or going with a cell tower leasing option, you can save money and grow your brand without compromising quality.

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Tower Types

We offer three main types of stationary telecom towers:

Guyed Towers 
These tall, slender structures are supported by high-strength guy cables, which are safely anchored into the ground. They work best with broad-range signals like broadcast radio.

Self-Support Towers 
Our three- and four-leg self-support tower designs have a larger footprint but require less engineering or customization than other models.

Monopole Towers 
These  towers require slight ground support but feature advanced durability in wind or harsh weather. They can allow for expansion even at sites where other tower types would not be allowed.

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Take it to Go

Also known as cells on wheels (COWs), mobile cell towers can be deployed in emergencies or for use as temporary support. Mobile cell towers also fit the needs of long-term towers on sites where there are limitations, such as property rights or if an ecological threat will not allow for installation of other types of towers. See our full selection of COWs.