Turn-key Telecom Solutions

Cell on Wheels

A cell on wheels, commonly known as a COW, can be quickly delivered to any site for emergency coverage on a short-term basis.


Service wherever you want it.

A COW is a mobile cell site product that includes a tower and transceiver, as well as all other necessary equipment, carefully constructed on a trailer or truck. Unlike standard towers, COWs are highly portable, but they are not constructed for permanence. However, a high-quality system can be utilized for longer periods of time, if necessary.

Emergency use — such as after a major storm or flood — is one common application. If a standard tower is damaged and requires repair, using a COW makes sense from a practical standpoint. However, these towers are also used during major occasions such as for the Super Bowl, media coverage of a big event, or a large parade or festival. Additionally, a cell-on-wheels setup can provide a temporary signal when a standard tower is being built — a process that isn’t always fast enough to keep up with consumer needs.


Give Service a Boost

COWs aren’t just useful in emergency situations. A COW can also be used to create or boost a cellular network during a big event, when local population and service demand rises. Cover a conference or festival, sporting event, or seasonal traffic.


Available Styles

There are many sizes of COW designed for different needs, including easy access, more strength, or more stability. The smallest versions sit on trailers that can be pulled by nearly any standard truck, while the largest versions require a heavy-duty rig to tow and set up the tower. The larger versions allow for a bigger tower and more power, while the smaller versions are easier to add or remove without as much planning.