Turn-key Telecom Solutions


When the power goes down, you stay up and running. That’s the simple promise of all of our generators: your network will always have a reliable, high-performance solution to maintain service in any conditions.


The power to keep service steady.

CellSite Solutions stocks a wide variety of new and pre-owned generators for sale, in sizes from single-phase to 3-phase. Our commercial generators are able to handle large-scale power needs, providing power indefinitely until the main power line is working again. This means they offer your business the stability of uninterrupted processes, even when you’re using heavy machinery, a large network of computers, elevators, high-level medical equipment, or more. Any time the power is disrupted, your generator kicks in to save the day.


Let's Power Up

Backed by over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, we are experts at matching our customers with the right equipment. No two businesses are the same, so we spend time getting to know your unique situation in order to recommend a generator that will serve your needs.

Available Styles

We carry single-phase to 3-phase generators.  

Natural Gas Generators run relatively clean with low odor. Because fuel is delivered by pipeline, consider the impact of supply interruptions in your decision.

Diesel Generators are efficient and cost-effective and run on fuel oil even when other forms of electricity are unavailable. 

Propane Generators are a strong, quiet choice for emergency preparedness. Propane is clean-burning, making it safe and sanitary for storage.