Turn-key Telecom Solutions


Protect your investment from weather—and curious hands. When you don’t need the space of a full shelter, the right cabinet can extend the life of your equipment.

Increase peace of mind.

When you are in the telecommunications equipment business, you know all about equipment expenses. Even a little piece can be costly to replace or repair. Having the proper storage and protection in place can help you minimize—or even avoid—these costs. 

In addition to protecting equipment, it is important to realize that your equipment could be dangerous to curious children or animals. Placing this gear in properly latched cabinets will help avoid danger and could protect you from liability.

Security Pays for Itself

In many cases, the right telecom cabinet could pay for itself in just a short time because of lowered repair expenses.

Available Styles

  • Battery Storage Cabinets: Store spare batteries—even massive gel cells—in controlled temperatures.
  • Transmission Cabinets: Protect radio transmission racks.