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Disaster Recovery

Weather and other natural disasters can make an impact with little notice. Luckily, so can we. Call CellSite Solutions to restore service and repair or replace broken equipment before your customers notice the outage.

disaster recovery

Instant solutions for worst-case scenarios.

When disaster strikes, you have two immediate concerns as a telecom site owner and operator: will we be able to maintain service, and, if not, how quickly can we get up and running again? CellSite Solutions has the answers you want to hear in either case. When bad weather or accidents damage your equipment, we can supply backup equipment and a permanent repair—quickly and efficiently.

Our cell-on-wheels (COW) options can be quickly delivered and integrated to deliver service without missing a beat. Cover gaps while your tower is being repaired or prepare for large weather events with our equipment in mind. Our COWs provide the peace of mind that your service will continue reliably.

disaster recovery

CellSite To The Rescue

We have a huge inventory of backup power solutions, including commercial generators and battery solutions. If you sustain tower damage we can have a cell-on-wheels (COW) on site without delay thanks to our transportation network. Best of all, CellSite can supply all the restoration services you need; no other vendors needed.

Photo: Damaged shelter before repair

disaster recovery

No Sitting Out The Storm

No need to panic when the lights flicker. CellSite Solutions has durable backup power solutions that keep you running. You’ll be up and working even when the grid needs some downtime.

Photo: Restored shelter after repairs