Turn-key Telecom Solutions

Recycle & Upgrade

When your telecom shelter needs upgrading, recycled shelters from CellSite are a cost-effective, like-new option backed by our engineering team. You get a pristine shelter while saving money and keeping trash out of landfills.

recycled shelter

Good as new—
Or better?

Even with regular maintenance, there may come a time when you need to upgrade or replace a telecom shelter. Our shelter recycling process offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to a brand-new structure. An updated, modern shelter will help you protect the expensive equipment inside; and it is safer and more inviting when a repair person, inspector, or potential buyer visits the site. 

We build to spec so you get exactly what you need, from custom modifications to all-new electrical systems. Our services include: 

  • HVAC Unit Replacement
  • Full Exterior Mortar Primer and Sealant (to stop leaks and opportunities for damage)
  • Updated Electrical Equipment
  • Updated Internal Grounding to OEM Standards
  • Driveway Maintenance (repairing, replacing or maintaining your shelter’s driveway makes the process of coming to check on things much easier for you or your staff)
  • 15-Year Lifespan Roof Coating
recycled shelter

Get Exactly What You Need

If there is a custom modification you'd like to see, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will go the extra mile to make your refurbished equipment shelter meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

recycled shelter

Take it from the top

All of our roof coatings provide 15 years (or more) of coverage. You will not have to worry about leaks or damage from rain, hail, or snow.


  • 100% acrylic polymer
  • Crack, peel, water, and weather resistant
  • Bright white finish reduces surface temperatures and lowers cooling costs


  • Energy efficient
  • Water resistant
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Highly sustainable, noncombustible, and 100% recyclable

Sky Paver

  • Composed of 95% recycled rubber
  • Stain, puncture, scratch, and water resistant
  • Ability to withstand harsh conditions