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Engineering Drawings

Our professional engineering team can provide technical illustrations for all aspects of your project.

Engineering Drawings

The big-picture view that captures every little detail.

Engineering documents are essential for documenting and communicating your site plan to various vendors and civil agencies. Both during an initial build and when adding to or modifying a site, quality drawings can speed approvals and even the build itself.

Our engineers will draft the layout and buildings on your site to show structural soundness, placement of materials, and compliance with local building codes. We offer both OSP and ISP drawings to document your whole investment.

Engineering Drawings

Comply With Code

CellSite Solutions engineering drawings provide proof that our recycled equipment meets the same high standards as new equipment does. In fact, we are frequently able to get our recycled shelters permitted where new ones are required by local code. Our drawings make the quality and precision of our recycled shelters clearly evident.

Engineering Drawings

What We Include

  • Orthogonal drawings: front, side and top
  • Dimensions
  • Scale
  • Projection
  • Standards (ASME Y14/ANSI Y14)