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Staging Services

When time and money are on the line, CellSite Solutions staging services get a completely configured shelter and equipment delivered to your site, fast.

Staging services

Service straight out of the box.

There are times when schedules and budgets call for services to be operational right out-of-the box. In those cases, CellSite Solutions’s Staging Services offer a virtually plug-and-play experience. Our Data Center, Mobile Service Center (MSC), and Central Office staging includes Rack & Stack service based on your company’s requirements. This involves installation and mounting of circuit boards, power supplies and pre-installation configuration services for most edge routing and data transport devices, and pre-manufactured cabinets.

Our logistical services then transport the configured equipment and fully-staged cabinets to your site in a timely and safe manner, including power from AC and DC feeds. Our installation teams meet the shipper and move the equipment into position and complete the physical installation onsite, verifying that the configuration matches your requirements and making any needed changes to complete the installation and power up.  And there you have it: a fully operational site, practically overnight.

staging services

No More Roaming Fees

When we stage your shelter at one of our warehouses, we perform the same quality of services we’d typically do on your site, without all the associated travel costs. We can have multiple teams work on your project without leaving the warehouse, and you share in that savings. Our team can then be onsite or remote to complete the integration of your new equipment into your network.

Staging services

Services We Offer

  • Shelter or cabinet build-out
  • Power
  • Network cabling
  • Shelf installation
  • Card and module installation
  • Transceiver installation
  • Software and firmware configuration