Turn-key Telecom Solutions

Shelter Decommissioning

When you need a telecom shelter dismantled and removed from your site, CellSite Solutions does it quickly and thoroughly. Whether your project has ended or you’re installing a new structure, we can make the old one vanish.

shelter decommissioning

Start with a clean slate.

There may come a time when a telecom service will no longer operate from a particular location. On the other hand, perhaps the site’s equipment is so outdated that it is easier to start from the ground up than to try to renovate what is already in place. When either of these problems occur, CellSite Solutions decommissioning services start by ensuring the structure is free from legal claims and can be removed. Then, we manage the entire process of disconnecting the power supply to the site. Next, we’ll remove the communication shelter, including all electrical equipment and wiring. Components can be kept for reuse if you wish.

Increase Your Site's Value

Removing a shelter cleans up your site and improves safety. If you are planning to sell, this will help you command a better price. If upgrades and expansion are your goal, shelter decommissioning creates space for new equipment and a fresh start. In this case, you get more value from your site by removing something.

shelter decommissioning

Gone But Not Forgotten

When you need a shelter removed but plan to reuse it in the future, we offer warehousing in multiple states around the country. Our warehouses offer secure outdoor storage for short and long-term needs. Indoor and climate-controlled warehousing are available in select states.