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Data Center (MEC)

As data use increases, it’s making more and more sense to house resources directly at your site, putting computing power where it’s needed most.

Keep customers on the edge of their seats.

The growing use of internet services, from apps to connected appliances on the internet-of-things, is rapidly increasing the need for bandwidth in increasingly remote areas. Multi-access edge computing (MEC) brings technology resources closer to the end user. Data is processed and stored at the network’s edge, provisioning faster connections with no lag. MEC enables fast streaming, even with multiple connections in the same household.

Cell tower sites are attractive locations for edge data centers, given their placement on existing telecom networks. Shelters are thought to be the optimal storage location on tower sites. CellSite Solutions can add MEC to any existing or new shelter, boosting your capabilities and improving service for your customers.

Deliver Cutting Edge Technology

MEC powers up your network to deliver the bandwidth modern consumers want and need. Deliver seamless streaming and support for 4G and 5G networks, internet of things (IoT), and whatever comes next.

data center

Offer New Benefits

  • Reduced cloud storage and transport costs
  • Improved availability of access
  • Real-time analytics
  • Conserve network bandwidth
  • Stronger security