Turn-key Telecom Solutions

Backup Power

Your network will not work in the absence of power. That’s why quality power backup solutions are crucial to prevent downtime. CellSite Solutions can ensure you are never without the power you need to deliver.

Backup Power

Power up.
Even when lines are down.

In case of emergency power outages, CellSite Solutions can install a battery backup system on your site. A backup system is compact and self-contained. The batteries collect their charge from your existing power system, switching on only when grid power goes down. Batteries can last up to several hours, giving you ample time to restore service.

You can rely on CellSite for all aspects of backup power service. We have the equipment, the logistics, and the skilled technicians ready to leap into action with a single call. We are able to quickly determine the best solution and get it installed so service is restored.


When service goes down, you jeopardize your reputation as a carrier. The ability to react quickly and restore service is key to retaining subscribers. We are a partner you can trust to deliver. We also offer permanent generator installation for even more peace of mind.

Backup Power

Battery Management

Call us for fast and efficient battery replacement. We are also happy to remove and dispose of your used batteries safely.

  • Replace battery cables
  • Use a torque wrench to ensure proper tension on battery terminals
  • Transport batteries with proper hazmat endorsements
  • Properly dispose of old batteries per EPA standards