Amber Kramer

Telecom Shelters vs. Cabinets

In a digital world, staying connected is critical for all your business operations and communication needs. At CellSite Solutions, we provide long-lasting telecommunications protection for industries including utilities, communications, natural gas, water, and railroad.

We know public utilities and corporations cannot afford to have downtime. That’s why we offer dozens of ways to take care of your telecommunications equipment. Our solid, long-lasting solutions are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions. But which type of structure—shelter or cabinet—will work best for your organization and your telecommunication needs? Let’s take a look at cabinets first.

CellSite Solutions sells two types of outdoor cabinets: one house batteries; the other protects transmission racks. CellSite’s battery storage cabinets can store both spare batteries as well as gel cell batteries at a remote site. Our transmission cabinets protect on-site radio equipment.

So, when does it make sense to consider an outdoor cabinet?


Telecommunication cabinets tend to be better for rooftop installations, are more economical than shelters, provide a low-profile design, and can store a wide variety of technologies, including PCS, cellular, fiber optics, and Wi-Fi applications.

Size is also a factor in your decision. Cabinets come in much smaller sizes than shelters. In fact, our walk-in or step-in cabinets can be as compact as 4’x 4’ x 2.’ But remember that smaller spaces limit expansion and growth in the future.


Though telecom cabinets work for some applications, we usually recommend our sturdy shelters. Used to store sensitive equipment away from your primary switching station, CellSite’s used and surplus telecom shelters are ready for all your fiber and communication needs.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to our telecom equipment shelters. No matter what your equipment requirements, these standalone rugged structures deliver. Both are used and surplus models are:


Whether you’re dealing with the icy fingers of winter or the scorching sun of summer, shelters are built to stand up to any type of weather. They provide a safe and temperature-controlled environment for your important equipment. In addition, when technicians come to check your telecommunications systems, they’ll appreciate having a clean, dry, and temperate place to do their work. In other words, shelters are safer and more durable than cabinets.


Ranging in size from 6’ x 8’ up to 12’ x 35’, CellSite’s wide selection of shelters can easily house all your equipment. You choose the size that’s ideal for your project. We can also provide internal separation to allow for multiple service providers to share one shelter.


We know you need higher-level security in some instances and locations. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your valuable telecommunications shelter cannot be vandalized or compromised. In fact, some of our shelters are bulletproof and fireproof. How’s that for security? Contact us to learn more about our site and shelter security options.


Shelters are built and constructed to blend into their surroundings. With exterior finishes ranging from fiberglass, structural steel, lightweight aluminum, and concrete, shelters are made to fit into their environment. Often local zoning laws require a certain aesthetic look. We can help. CellSite also offers refurbishing services to improve the appearance of your shelter.


Like a new roof, our shelters can last up to 50 years. Five decades is a long time, with very little required maintenance. At CellSite, we also offer comprehensive telecom decommissioning services for your shelter. We can professionally return the land to workable conditions for other construction uses. Or we can help you rebuild in the same location.


With our large inventory of shelters, you can choose the size, model, and price that meets your budget. You can also choose your preferred manufacturer, material type, and condition using our easy drop-down sorting page. All our communication shelters include detailed product datasheets. Our inventory is constantly changing so call or contact us if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for.

You’ll also appreciate the many features that come standard when you purchase shelters from CellSite Solutions. Our shelters include internal electricity, surge suppression, redundant HVAC, manual or automatic transfer switches, and cable ladder racking.

Entering and exiting shelters is easy with CellSite Solutions. Telecom shelters include many types of access points, making them easier to maintain and repair. Access options include single and double doors, access panels, windows, and vents. Our experienced technicians can customize additional structural features, based on your needs.

In addition to our telecom shelters, we provide a myriad of other structures for your business applications, including:

  • Storm shelters
  • Navigational aid buildings
  • Equipment monitoring shelters
  • Two-way radio buildings
  • Pump station
  • IT buildings
  • Cable TV buildings

Contact CellSite today to learn about our telecommunication storage solutions. We’re proud to offer the best value in the business. All our prices are competitive and our services are backed by decades of experience and superior results.