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Protect Your Telecommunications Equipment With HVAC Units

Your telecommunications equipment powers your business. It’s the lifeblood of your success.

At CellSite Solutions, we know protecting your data ensures you can provide ongoing service to all your clients, with no costly interruptions. Our expertise saves you time and money.

While telecom shelters keep your equipment dry, they don’t protect against temperature fluctuations. That’s where HVAC—or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning—units become critical.

CellSite Solutions has 6 years of experience installing, maintaining, and servicing telecommunications infrastructure equipment. Our highly trained staff will evaluate your needs and make recommendations based on your business goals.

Our goal is to make the temperature just right in your telecommunications shelter. Controlling the shelter temperature is important for improving the performance of your sensitive electronic equipment. We want to make sure your critical infrastructure stays in top working condition.

Our HVAC units can be customized to provide cooling when outside temperatures climb and to offer warmth when winter weather brings frosty forecasts. HVAC equipment monitors and regulates the temperature inside telecom shelters. It ensures that your equipment functions at maximum efficiency.

CellSite technicians can install new units or upgrade existing units by making repairs to condensate lines, installing new thermostats, economizers, and lead lag controllers.

We offer the following types of Marvair HVAC units. Marvair has been an industry leader in HVAC equipment since 1947. Choose from:

  • Marvair HVAC units: Available in a wide variety of sizes, we can customize these to include heat strips and economizers.
  • Marvair ComPac® I and ComPac® II wall mount HVAC units: These machines come in 2-5 ton units.

If noise is a concern on site, we can also install a special kit—called an External Low Noise Blower (ELNB)—that uses a hood, blower, and motor to reduce external sound levels.

CellSite Solutions also offers custom HVAC units from other manufacturers depending on your project needs and specifications.

Once we install your HVAC system, we continue to provide outstanding service. As a full-service provider, CellSite can:

  • Maintain and troubleshoot your telecommunication shelter HVAC
  • Provide regular site maintenance to keep your equipment shelter and telecommunications equipment working properly
  • Warehouse and store telecommunications equipment
  • Decommission telecom sites

We can install custom HVAC equipment for your next project and we look forward to helping you succeed. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.