Amber Kramer

Maintaining Your Telecommunications Site

When you schedule your yearly physical, you don’t expect anything to be wrong. When you drive your car in for routine maintenance, you hope they don’t find anything leaking or broken. And when you run software programs or defrag your computer, you hope the system is healthy and clean.

No one likes surprises. And when it comes to expensive telecommunications equipment, surprises can be costly and disruptive. That’s why we recommend regular inspection and cell site maintenance for all your telecommunications structures. At CellSite Solutions, we call this process life cycle management.

With 6 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, you can trust the technicians at CellSite Solutions. We know that ignoring maintenance can result in costly damage and down time. With our life cycle program, we save you time and money and keep your telecom equipment running at peak efficiency.

When we monitor your telecom equipment, we provide peace of mind. Our audits—which include communication shelter maintenance and repairs as well as property and facility management—reduce the risk of outages and failures for both you and your subscribers.

Among our many life cycle management services, we offer exterior and interior communications shelter refurbishing, foundation upgrades, and site/compound upgrades. To keep your shelter in tip-top shape, we can:

  • Maintain your HVAC system: Regular maintenance of your HVAC system is paramount to protecting your sensitive telecom equipment.
  • Apply mortar or latex finish to your door, trim, awning, or HVAC system: These coatings provide the most protection available. They also help keep your shelter looking its best.
  • Cover your shelter roof with a synthetic rubber roofing membrane: Like the roof on your own home or business, a shelter roof protects against ice, snow, rain, and other destructive weather elements.
  • Remediate weeds
  • Replace your floors and ceiling
  • Install fiberglass reinforced plastic panels
  • Design a new cable tray system
  • Repair or install cell site security fencing
  • Create precast concrete walls
  • Perform telecom site clean up

Maintaining a shelter is a 24/7, year-round project. Let us take care of this duty while you run your business. Neglecting maintenance on your shelter may result in property damage, system failure, and/or fines from your city or local zoning boards.


As we inspect any job site, we do a visual and foundation check. We work with you to develop a strategy for inspection and maintenance for your telecommunication facilities. All of our telecommunications site maintenance plans are customized for your needs.

Contact CellSite Solutions today to learn how we can manage and maintain your telecommunications equipment. We’ve been a trusted leader in the industry for 6 years. We look forward to providing the best possible solutions for you.