Amber Kramer

Expanding High-Demand Network Coverage with Cell on Wheels

We’ve all experienced this situation before: You’re on the road and notice you have no cell phone reception or signal. Sometimes that’s simply frustrating; sometimes it’s dangerous.

Whether you're hosting a month long event or require emergency backup for natural disaster relief, there are temporary, portable tower options that may work for your needs. The solution? COWs.


Our COWs are not four-legged creatures who chew grass. No, we’re referring to portable cell towers mounted on trailers, vans, or trucks. These mobile towers drastically expand network connectivity. When might you need a Cell On Wheels? Sometimes if you’re in a restricted space. Sometimes you need extra coverage during special events or natural disasters when there’s an additional drain on the network.

There are many advantages to adopting COW technology. While typically used as a temporary solution, we can also install these cell towers as permanent stations. When they’re mobile, they don’t require a foundation and need only grounding and commercial power. Imagine all the possibilities for their use.


You’re at a concert and want to upload a photo of the band on Facebook. Sorry, no cell coverage. You’ve arrived at a sports event and want to pull up your digital ticket. No dice. There’s no network. You’re at a large convention and want to connect with an associate. You look down at your phone and see the dreaded symbol: no service. Whenever large groups of people gather, there’s a big demand for connectivity. People live on their phones. They feel a need to share everything. When short-term demands tax the cellular system, people become frustrated. As the city coordinator or event planner for festivals, fairs, concerts, or parades, you need to consider providing expanded cellular network coverage.

Following are a few examples of how cell on wheels have helped others: 

  • Verizon deployed mobile cell sites throughout Houston during Super Bowl LI.
  • AT&T used two COWs near the University of Phoenix stadium during the NCAA Final Four.
  • AT&T deployed four Cell On Wheels in the French Quarter to boost LTE network capacity during Mardi Gras.
  • The National Mall was fitted with additional COWs—both temporary and permanent—during President Trump’s inauguration. The permanent towers will remain for future inaugurations and other large events. They’re a great answer to the steady rise in LTE-based smartphones and other devices.

Your event attendees will appreciate your planning and foresight. Providing reliable communication makes everyone happy, including all the residents and businesses that surround major entertainment events.

At CellSite Solutions, we provide the equipment for your temporary signal needs. Contact your local service provider to discuss your signal needs and to find out what tower height you will require.


No one can predict the future. Severe weather, earthquakes, fires, floods, crime, and major transportation accidents are just a few examples when people need emergency backup. Make sure you’re prepared for emergency communication. Talk with CellSite Solutions about purchasing or leasing a COW for your mobile command centers for internet, phone, and data coverage.

People affected by emergencies need and want to contact their loved ones. But we sometimes forget that people who respond to emergencies—EMT’s, police officers, firefighters, search teams—also need to have access to reliable communication.

COWs can be used by many types of industries, including utilities, government, oil and gas corporations, telecommunications, transportation, and the medical field.

Location is not a factor. Even in remote and rugged areas, we can provide fully functional and dependable satellite and cellular communication systems. When you’re trying to save lives and evacuate people, reliable communication should be the last thing on your mind.

Using COWs, public safety agents and rescuers can count on a means of reliable communication. They allow these brave men and women to gain access to private cellular phone coverage, even during emergencies.

Following are a few amazing examples of how portable communication towers have been used to help during periods of disaster.

  • In 2001, 36 COWs were deployed following the September 11 attacks. These cell on wheels provided critical phone service to both rescue and recovery workers.
  • In 2005, multiple Cell On Wheels were used for emergency communications after Hurricane Katrina. These were deployed throughout the Gulf Coast.
  • In 2014, Verizon deployed COLTs (Cell on Light Trucks) to Arizona. These COLTs provided much-needed service and coverage for emergency crews during the Slide Fire.
  • In 2016, three phone carriers prepared before Hurricane Matthew. Due to advance planning, AT&T Wireless, Sprint, and Verizon had COWs at the ready. According to phone company officials, nearly all their customers remained connected and with excellent performance. 


Once you've established service with your local carrier and understand your height requirements, CellSite Solutions can help you find a COW for your height and spacial requirements.

CellSite Solutions stocks both used and surplus cell on wheels at affordable prices. This gently used equipment is available at much lower costs than buying new. And we offer a large variety of models for all your needs. You can sort our inventory by height, condition, and whether it contains a generator or equipment room.

Whether you wish to lease or buy a unit, we’ll customize a solution for your communication needs. If you lease equipment from us and like it, we’ll arrange for an easy sale. We also offer nationwide shipping and commissioning.

Contact CellSite Solutions today. Our friendly telecommunications equipment experts are here to answer all your questions. We’re your trusted source for used and surplus telecom equipment.

Please note that CellSite Solutions only provides the cell on wheels equipment. You will need to contact a local carrier to set up service and determine what COW/tower height you'll need for your application.