CellSite Solutions Lives Up to its Name — CellSite Solutions was recently featured in the Inside Towers newsletter for its commitment to providing innovative and cost effective telecommunication solutions across the U.S. and beyond.


cost-effective telecommunication solutions         after telecom shelter refurbishing

Before and after of refurbished Katrina-damaged shelter in Venice, LA


CellSite Solutions Lives Up to its Name

Carter Kramer aptly named his company when he started it six years ago since no two jobs are alike or simple and all require innovative ‘solutions’ to the myriad of problems a site owner might face. Natural disasters from hurricanes, for instance, have often challenged his crew to rebuild in post-flood conditions, assessing site damage and not only suggesting ‘solutions’ but installing them as needed.


Recently he and crew members took an airboat ride out to a major carrier’s still-flooded site in North Carolina following the visit by Hurricane Matthew. They assessed the damage, removed the wet flooring while trying to salvage the existing building and spare the client the cost of replacing the structure. Since Kramer’s replacement buildings are often second-hand or surplus, the ‘solution’ could be an economical one for the client.


CellSite Solutions sees itself as ‘a young and aggressive company focused on providing the highest quality, most cost effective replacements for several types of communication infrastructure projects.’ Kramer, a former Manager of Business Development at Lattice Communications, sees a bright future ahead in upgrading and replacing worn out structures as a vast universe of sites enter their 15th-to-20th year of service while more money gets earmarked for site improvement and maintenance over new buildouts.


In addition to shelters, CellSite Solutions offers secondary market generators, COW’s, and towers. Additional services include grounding rings, generator pads, shelter foundations, compound fencing, power connectivity, asset disposal and antenna, light and equipment removal.


Data-driven technology like VoLTE is also a key factor in the company’s growth as new equipment gets added to a site requiring adjustments to the infrastructure and surrounding support structures. The Iowa-based company is well-stocked with heavy equipment, semis and trailers to service any job in the U.S. from 22 outdoor storage locations in 16 states. CellSite Solutions has even ventured outside of the U.S. to sites in Canada and, in a non-telecom related situation, provided a shelter for a water-filtration system in Africa.


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