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Temporary Tower Install For Water Tower

This project included the installation of a 150 ft temporary monopole in order to provide maintenance to an existing water tower tank. Scope of work included the installation of a CellBlock foundation and temporary monopole. The second phase included the removal of existing water tower antennas, coax, ice bridge, and plumbing components; followed by the…
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CellSite Solutions provides an added level of Life Cycle Management to customers by upgrading existing HVAC units and temperature controls. Projects include the upgrade of one or both HVAC units, new thermostat or lead lag controls, electrical repairs to alarm systems and HVAC systems, and wall curb installation. This type of repair and upgrade ensures…
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Cell Site Management

This life cycle cell site management project included a full refurbishment to the exterior and interior of an existing shelter located in Venice, LA. This shelter had severe damage as a result of the sites location and marine conditions-CellSite Solutions provided¬†full refurbishment to the shelter.¬† The job included installation of new fiberglass panels to the…
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