What We Offer

  • Fiber Optic Regeneration Site

    Fiber Optic Regeneration Site

    For this project, CellSite Solutions was brought in to provide and install a shelter for a fiber optic…

  • Civil Foundation & Shelter Install

    Civil Foundation & Shelter Install

    The project included the refurbishment and installation of a previously deployed 11x20 Fibrebond concrete shelter. Shelter refurbishment included:…

  • Cell On Wheels

    Cell On Wheels

    CellSite Solutions offers several types of COW's (Cell on Wheels)

  • Used Telecom Shelters

    Used Telecom Shelters

    NOTICE: We are currently acquiring a large number of communication shelters from an ongoing decommissioning project and, therefore,…

  • Outdoor Telecom Cabinets

    Outdoor Telecom Cabinets

    Let CellSite Solutions provide outdoor telecom cabinets for your next project. Browse our current inventory or contact us for more…

  • Telecom Towers

    Telecom Towers

    Cellsite has a large selection of used and surplus communication towers to cover a variety of telecommunication projects

  • Used Commercial Generators

    Used Commercial Generators

    Contact Us View Inventory Nobody has to tell you that disruptions to your company’s power lines can cause…

  • Telecom Cooling

    Telecom Cooling

    Telecommunications and cellular site equipment are quite durable and dependable since they are designed to stand up to…

  • Telecommunication Shelter Refurbishing

    Telecommunication Shelter Refurbishing

    One important thing to consider when buying used telecommunications shelters is value