CellSite Solutions is Fully Operational

We are operating from our business continuity facilities near Cedar Rapids, IA due to the storm disaster in the Midwest, US. Please contact us at any of the following phone numbers until phone service is restored in the area

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Our Products

  • Cell On Wheels

    Cell On Wheels

    CellSite Solutions offers several types of COW's (Cell on Wheels)

  • Used Telecom Shelters

    Used Telecom Shelters

    NOTICE: We are currently acquiring a large number of shelters from an ongoing decommissioning project and, therefore, our…

  • Outdoor Telecom Cabinets

    Outdoor Telecom Cabinets

    Let CellSite Solutions provide outdoor telecom cabinets for your next project. Browse our current inventory or contact us for more…

  • Telecom Towers

    Telecom Towers

    Cellsite has a large selection of used and surplus communication towers to cover a variety of telecommunication projects

  • Used Commercial Generators

    Used Commercial Generators

    Contact Us View Inventory Nobody has to tell you that disruptions to your company’s power lines can cause…