Amber Kramer

New vs. Used Telecommunication Shelters

Save up to 70% on a Used Shelter

Keep your project budget right on track when you purchase a used telecommunications shelter from Cellsite Solutions. For a fraction of the cost of a brand new communications shelter, Cellsite Solutions provides surplus shelters, used telecom shelters, and fully refurbished shelter options. Companies are often shocked at the quality of the shelters purchased at a discount of up to 70% off.

Surplus Shelters – Surplus shelters have never been used and are a great option for companies in need of a quality shelter or multiple shelters immediately. Our large inventory of surplus shelters can be sold as is or specifically modified to your needs, and installed quickly.

Used Telecom Shelters – Our large inventory of used telecom shelters make it easy to fit the right size, modifications for your project. All of our shelters can be fully refurbished to specifications and installed in a timely manner.

Not only can you purchase a shelter at a fraction of the cost, but also in a timely manner. Brand new communications shelters can take anywhere from 4-6 months to manufacture. CellSite Solutions could provide you with a used shelter, as is, immediately or a refurbished shelter in 30 days or less.

Exceptional Quality From Cellsite Solutions

Why purchase a brand new shelter, when a used telecom shelter has equal quality and performance? Cellsite Solutions takes pride in the quality and condition of all used and surplus communication shelters in our inventory.

All of our available shelters are built to withstand harsh elements and years of weathering. Our shelter inventory includes concrete, fiberglass, and metal structures. When you purchase a used telecommunications shelter from Cellsite Solutions, you have the option to refurbish the interior and exterior of the shelter to fit your exact needs and modifications.

All Cellsite Solutions Shelters and equipment is available for purchase at exceptionally affordable prices, in small or large quantity, and highly modified or as is. We stand behind the quality of all of our shelters and will assist in the install and service of all shelters as needed.

Telecom Shelter Refurbishing Options

Cellsite Solutions will refurbish and modify shelters to fit the exact specifications of a telecommunications site. It’s important that your used or surplus shelter is modern and updated to protect the expensive equipment inside and to keep servicemen and inspectors safe on site.

Cellsite Solutions refurbishing program is unique. Few companies offer full refurbishing and modify used shelters into exceptional, modern pieces of equipment. There are a variety of reasons to choose used vs. new equipment, but Cellsite Solution’s refurbishing options make it an obvious choice. Why spend thousands more, when you can purchase a customized, refurbished shelter at a fraction of the cost.

Refurbishing options include, but are not limited to:

  • New HVAC Units
  • Full Exterior Mortar Primer and Sealant
  • Fifteen-Year Lifespan Roof Coating
  • Updated Electrical Equipment
  • Updated Internal Grounding to OEM Standards
  • Customized Entry Ports
  • New Floor

CellSite Solutions is not only able to provide you with one or multiple shelters and other telecommunication equipment, but we also serve as a turnkey solution. We perform your civil services for the job including: pouring a foundation for the shelter, installing the external ground ring, installing the compound fence, rock/sod/weed barrier, and compound driveway. Whatever your telecommunication equipment need, we ensure a solution.

Before you purchase factory telecom equipment at factory prices, consider contacting CellSite Solutions. We’ll take care of your telecommunication equipment needs for a fraction of the cost. At CellSite Solutions, we understand that customers are often on a budget and need equipment quickly. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with great prices, timely installations and shipments, and build a lasting relationship.

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