Why You Need CellSite Solutions for Your Next Fiber Optics Point of Presence (POP) Site

Why You Need CellSite Solutions for Your Next Fiber Optics Point of Presence (POP) Site

Fiber optics is becoming an integral part of the telecommunication infrastructure. FTTX or Fiber to the x (home, business, curb, node) is a fast growing method of providing internet, video, and voice services to consumers and businesses.

Fiber optics has the potential to provide much higher bandwidth than DSL or cable and FTTX is steadily replacing these other methods of connection.

CellSite Solutions is on the forefront of fiber optics and is your turnkey solution for POP site design, equipment and installation.


Save Money, Protect Workers with Telecom Shelter

The POP site facilitates the interconnection between optical fibers and active equipment. Fibers need to be run safely through the ground to a properly equipped telecom shelter to protect both equipment and technicians from the elements.

CellSite Solutions provides previously deployed shelters for broadband providers, local exchange carriers, telephone and cable companies for the price of a new outdoor cabinet. This gives your company the ability to save money as well as provide your technicians and splicers a safe and secure work environment.

Many companies may have specific equipment and shelter design requirements. Any of our used shelters can be refurbished and customized to fit your company’s needs.


Ensure Proper Installation of Telecom Equipment

Inside the shelter, you’ll need to have the right design and the proper telecom equipment installed to receive and transmit signals.

CellSite Solutions can help you find the right telecom equipment to complete your project and install everything to your company’s specifications.

And we not only supply the telecom shelter and equipment, but we can also prepare the foundation and complete the shelter installation at your POP site.


Point of Presence Site Designed, Constructed, and Secured in 30 Days

Along with a fully-equipped shelter, your fiber optics POP site needs to be well designed and have the proper security in place.

CellSite Solutions has the necessary permits to provide full-service installation and construction of both new and regeneration sites. We can design a site plan, construct compound fencing, and gravel the access drive to the site.

Our fiber optics POP site and regeneration services include, but are not limited to, the following:

- designing a site plan

- building and graveling drive to compound

- expanding existing compounds

- pouring foundation for shelter and generator pad

- installing shelter

- relocation and connection of generator

- trenching and pulling all power and electrical from the meter

- installing compound fencing

- provide back-up generator power for emergency situations

- installing/adding customized equipment to shelter (HVAC, automatic transfer switches, wiring)

CellSite Solutions has the knowledge and experience to get your fiber optics POP site up and running in 30 days or less.


If you have any questions or require our services for your POP site, send us a message or call us at 1-855-CEL-SITE.

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