CellSite has one of the largest selections of used and surplus communication towers. Our towers range from 80 to 400 feet in height, fitting a large variety of telecommunication projects. We offer four types of communication towers:

  1. Guyed Towers – Our selection of guyed towers fit a variety of telecommunication projects. Supported by high-strength guy cables anchored into the ground, the guyed towers are tall slender structures that serve best for a wide-range signal such as broadcast radio.
  2. Self-Support Towers – Our stand-alone, self-supporting towers are a perfect fit for a wide range of telecommunication projects. We stock a large selection of three- and four-leg structural designs that have a larger footprint requiring little or no additional engineering or customization. Self-support towers offer the greatest range in capabilities of telecommunication towers.
  3. Monopole Towers – Monopole towers work great for projects that require minimal ground support but also need durability windy or other harsh weather conditions. They consist of a single pole and allow for expansion of your telecommunication system at sites where other types of towers would not be permitted or possible.
  4. Mobile Cell Towers – Also known as cells on wheels (COWS), mobile towers are best in emergency situations or temporary support. They are the most flexible and can be installed very quickly. They are ideal for fast installation or re-installation of a damaged tower in an existing network. Mobile cell towers can also serve as long-term possibilities for sites with limitations like property rights or ecological threat won't allow other types of towers.

CellSite offers a wide selection of pre-deployed and surplus towers of every type. All of our towers are available for lease and for sale. Call us today to find the right one for your project.

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